Kang Daniel Reaps Criticism of His Encore Appearance on 'The Show'
On April 20th, Kang Daniel managed to get his first win for the song 'Antidote' through 'The Show'. The idol-CEO also did an encore at the end of the show, where he sang 'Antidote'.

However, the performance shown by Kang Daniel reaped scorn and criticism from South Korean netizens who thought that Daniel had never practiced singing and was not serious about singing in the encore session.

"I feel embarrassed... Nothing different from a few years ago, I guess he didn't practice singing at all",

“Well, I watched it because I was curious about it, but he should practice singing a lot more…”,

"Shameless, how can he say he's a singer with the ability to sing like that?",

“Isn't that his song ?? Why does he sing it like when I pick a song I don't know in the karaoke room… He needs to practice.”

"There is no skill and no seriousness", and various other comments from netizens.

How do you think about Kang Daniel's encore performance below? (www.onkpop.com)

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