BIGHIT MUSIC Confirms TXT Comeback Plans in May
BIGHIT MUSIC has confirmed plans for TXT's comeback in May. On Thursday (04/22), OSEN media reported that TXT plans to release an album at the end of May and is currently in the final stages of album preparation.

The media also reported that TXT's new album would involve many famous producers from around the world. In response to the reports, BIGHIT MUSIC gave their official statement to Newsen media, "TXT will be holding their comeback at the end of May."

Some time ago TXT was indeed rumored to be making a comeback in May. However, at that time BIGHIT MUSIC stated that they would only release an official statement after the comeback plans had been completed.

TXT has also been confirmed to be performing at the '31st Lotte Duty Free Family Concert' concert in May. (

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