The Actors and Actresses of 'The Penthouse' Begin Script Reading For Season 3
The popular drama from SBS 'The Penthouse: War in Life' has started thr script reading for the third season which Korean drama lovers have been waiting for. After being presented with various complex conflicts through the first and second season, 'The Penthouse' seems to be coming to fans soon with a sequel that is ready to make viewers feel the emotions of the cast.

On April 22nd, Korean media outlet reports stated that scriptwriter Kim Sook Ok had finished the script up to the 3rd episode for the next season.

It is said that the drama will present even more surprising developments and changes in the relationship between the main characters.

The success of 'The Penthouse' made this drama very attractive and eagerly awaited its broadcast. Even Nielsen Korea recorded the highest rating that was printed by the drama that tells of the complicated conflicts around the people who live in Hera Palace, reaching 29.2%.

For the third season, 'The Penthouse' is expected to break the 30% rating. Are you also looking forward to the new season of this drama? (

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