BTS Announce 'BANG BANG CON 2021' Concert in April!
BTS has announced their latest concert, 'BANG BANG CON 2021'. Right at 00.00 KST on Sunday (04/11), BTS announced that they will hold an online concert titled 'BANG BANG CON 2021' this coming week. The 'BANG BANG CON 2021' concert is scheduled to take place on April 17th, 2021 at 3 p.m. KST, only a week from now.

BTS uploaded a poster on Twitter while tweeting, "Knock knock, is this ARMY room?" they also included the hashtags, 'BANG BANG CON 2021', “It's been a year”, “Just like April last year” and “BTS concerts you can enjoy in your room”.

In April 2020, BTS held the 'BANG BANG CON' concert by broadcasting their concerts on YouTube for two days. After that, in June 2020 BTS for the first time held the online concert 'BANG BANG CON: The Live'.

Are you ready for the 'BANG BANG CON 2021' concert? (

BTS Announce 'BANG BANG CON 2021' Concert in April!


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