This Lawyer Admits That He Believes The News of APRIL Members Bullied Hyunjoo, This is The Reason
A lawyer said Hyunjoo's friend had filed a lawsuit since last year. This was revealed by lawyer Kim Sang Kyun through the latest video on Kim Kim Lawyer's YouTube channel.

The lawyer said, “About a year ago, an acquaintance of Lee Hyun Joo asked about this situation. Shee once sought legal advice, saying, "My acquaintance is being bullied in a group, and I want to take legal action". Hyunjoo's friend is also a celebrity. Therefore, I have to say that I believe the rumors of bullying Hyunjoo.”

Host Kim Ho In also said, “We are not an investigative agency or a court, but if an investigative trial begins, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence to prove the facts. If the victim's proof is added, the third party will be able to judge objectively. "

The lawyer further stated that if the evidence is true, "Hyunjoo can sue for civil damages against the APRIL members who have bullied, and if there is harassment or threats involved, she can file a lawsuit against DSP Media for failing to protect their artists," said the lawyer. (

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