Surprise Fans, DAY6's Sungjin Announces Military ConscriptionToday
The leader of DAY6, Sungjin surprised fans with his appearance with a shaved head. Through a live broadcast via the VLive platform this afternoon (03/08), Sungjin greeted fans with shaved heads, while in the car to go to the military base to carry out training for 4 weeks before officially undergoing his military service.

This 1993-born man has decided to enlist and undergo military service secretly and asked the agency not to announce it until the D-day. Through his last appearance for a while, Sungjin also teased fans that DAY6's new album has been completed and is ready to be released.

Previously, JYP also gave hints that DAY6 would make a comeback in April this year. With this, Sungjin will be the first member of DAY6 to enlist in the military. (

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