Super Junior Talks About Comeback Album 'The Renaissance', Calling It as a Turning Point Of The Group
Super Junior is holding an online press conference in connection with their 10th studio album 'The Renaissance'. During the conference, the members revealed some amazing details about the album and main  track 'House Party'.

The album was originally planned to released in December last year, however, the release was delayed for about three months for post-production. Eunhyuk expressed pride in the group releasing their full album vol.10 and stated that the group tried their best to make it.

"I'm always proud to release a full-length album. We're currently releasing a mini-album and a single, but we are always working hard to release an album with more than 10 or 11 songs. I hope a lot of people like it because this is an album that was made with great effort." said Eunhyuk.

Shindong expressed his joy to fans at finally being able to hear the album. "The fans had to wait a long time. While we were preparing, I wanted to immediately show them what we were working on, and it was really fun," continued Shindong.

Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk, claims this album is a 'turning point' for the group.It is because it is their 'Awakening Period' and the fans are very excited.

"The dictionary meaning of 'Renaissance' means revival or reproduction of academic art. This is to revive the classics to show a new movement. With this album as a turning point, we will face a new revival period for Super Junior. We decided to name the album 'The Renaissance' with the goal of performing Super Junior's music" explained Leeteuk.

The group has nothing but success, now in their 17th year of promotion, the members are being asked about how they had been able to work well together for so long. Leeteuk shared that it was his love for his fans that helped him continue. He also shared that everything went smoothly during the album preparation which made him very happy.

"In the past, when I practiced choreography, there were slumps and disagreements. But when I prepared the choreography for this album, it was fun to think that I was well prepared like running water with great joy,"

Ryeowook added that the group members' great chemistry and teamwork also allowed Super Junior to continue to work hard with each other. "Every time I promote as Super Junior, I get strength. When I'm alone, it feels like working, but when I'm with Super Junior, it feels like playing. Like a house party" concluded Ryeowook.

In response, Kim Heechul commented with a more realistic answer that the contract extension is also regardless of why the group is great at working together. "Isn't our extension consistent with the contract? Realistically, if our agencies were different, our schedules might not match. Since we are constantly updating, isn't that why SM released our album?" said Heechul. (

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