Reportedly Discussing The Possibility of Re-shooting With a New Actress, 'Dear.M' Give a Statement
The bullying scandal that dragged down Park Hye Soo caused KBS to postpone the broadcast of 'Dear.M'. Now, the production team is talking about the possibility of a re-shoot due to a change in the female lead.

On Tuesday (03/16), the production team was forced to announce this option due to "the ongoing controversy of the actress". The reason is, there are already more than 4,200 people who signed the petition to remove Park Hye Soo from the drama.

Chief producer of  'Dear.M' Cho Hyuna stated that they are waiting for the results of the police investigation regarding the bullying case of Park Hye Soo. If the actress is proven guilty, the production team will not hesitate to replace her with another actress.

"Initially, 'Dear. M' was scheduled to air as a drama on Friday on February 26th. But due to issues related to the female lead, the premiere has been postponed," said Cho Hyuna.

She continued, "Currently there is a dispute over the truth about the controversy and the police are still investigating the case, so KBS decided to postpone broadcasting of the drama. Based on the results, we will implement all possible steps including changing cast and re-shooting."

On the other hand, an official from a broadcasting company expressed his hopes for the broadcast of this drama. He said, "The actors who appeared on 'Dear. M' have a great sense of loss. Because this is a 100 percent pre-production drama, many of them have been waiting for the premiere. They just want the drama not to be completely canceled."

Meanwhile, 'Dear.M' tells the story of the romance of a young couple who met in the campus area. They will conduct a search for the mysterious individual with the initials 'M' who has been mentioned in the anonymous post. The drama will follow the changing relationships and romance that developed between the characters after the rumors about 'M' emerged. (

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