Salt Entertainment Has Fined Netizens For Sending Malicious Comments to Park Shin Hye
Malicious comments and rumors are one of the factors that can ruin a celebrity's name. Regarding this, Park Shin Hye's agency today (06/03) released an official statement announcing that they had successfully arrested and fined the perpetrator of malicious comments against the actress.

According to the agency's narrative, at the end of February 2021, they had successfully filed charges and fines against the perpetrators of malicious comments against Park Shin Hye.

"We will continue to take strong legal action against any and all cases of defamation, false rumors, sexual harassment, ridicule, breach of privacy, etc." added agency.

Salt Entertainment also expressed their gratitude to the fans who took part in gathering evidence for filing the charges.

“We will do our best so that we can not only protect the rights of our artists, but we can also ensure that fans who support and love our artists will not be hurt by malicious activities in cyberspace. Thank you." closed Salt Entertainment for the statement. (

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