Limited Edition, Red Velvet's Wendy Album Is Also Chased by Non-Fans!
Red Velvet's Wendy solo debut not only made a scene for Reveluv, but also South Korean netizens who were not fans of the idol. Wendy, who is scheduled to make her solo debut with the album 'LIKE WATER' on April 5th, has also prepared various versions for her solo mini album.

South Korean netizens have also shown their interest in the limited edition album 'LIKE WATER' which has a beautiful appearance and makes non-fans also 'chase' the album.

“Just 300 units…? Where can I order it?”,

“Red Velvet fans, I apologize in advance, I will buy it too….”,

"This is really good... This is the first time I want to buy a new album..",

"Wow, it's really pretty, I'm not a fan, but I want to buy it",

"Well, I'm not a fan but I want it", and various other comments via theqoo site.

Are you also tempted and planning to have this limited edition solo album from Wendy? (

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