Big Hit Labels Officially Change Twitter Name and Youtube Channel
Big Hit Labels has again announced the latest news regarding their 'migration' to their new name. Right this morning (03/31) Big Hit Labels is known to have officially changed the name of their YouTube channel, which was originally called Big Hit Labels, which changed to HYBE LABELS.

In addition, the name of the official Twitter account from Big Hit Entertainment, which was previously called Big Hit Ent official, has now changed its name to BIG HIT MUSIC as well as their other official Twitter accounts such as BigHit_Edu to HYBE_edu.

With the change in the name of their YouTube channel and their official Twitter account, this is a sign that Big Hit Labels has officially and completely changed to HYBE LABELS.

In early March it was also announced that Big Hit Labels changed their name to HYBE LABELS and Big Hit Entertainment which houses BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun changed to BIGHIT MUSIC.

In addition, HYBE LABELS has made a name change presentation on March 19th, 2021 through their Youtube channel which states that they will move to a new building that can accommodate more than 1000 employees. (

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