RBW Entertainment Clarifies Statements About China on Their Social Media
After shocking the public and South Korean netizens with their Chinese statements on official social media, RBW finally clarifies.

On Wednesday (03/31), RBW Entertainment's official Instagram and Weibo accounts posted a message that read, "Our company has consistently adhered to the One-China Principle."

A few hours later, the agency later clarified by saying, "This morning an unrepresentative statement, which has never been discussed internally, was posted on our official social media accounts."

“We have confirmed that it was a one-sided decision by one of our employees so we deleted the post as soon as we found out. We apologize for causing confusion."

“We will implement strict measures to prevent this from happening again. Even though this is an independent act of an employee, we apologize for making it difficult for you” concluded RBW.

RBW is an entertainment agency in South Korea that houses various artists ranging from MAMAMOO, ONEUS, VROMANVE, PURPLE KISS and many others. (www.onkpop.com)

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