CUBE Entertainment Announces (G)I-DLE Soojin Will Hiatus After Bullying Scandals
CUBE Entertainment has finally taken a step forward for Soojin's career. Some time ago, one of (G)I-DLE's member, Soojin was dragged into the rumors of bullying that began with the confession of a netizen who claimed to have in the same school with idols.

Shortly after that, Soojin immediately received many comments from other netizens. But not for fans who still encourage her, considering the accusations have not been proven.

It seemed that CUBE Entertainment did not want this case to drag on, so Soojin was decided not to continue her activities with (G)I-DLE for a while, while they checked the truth.

“We are doing our best to verify the facts, so it will take a while to confirm our position. We ask for your understanding. We saw the situation at that time with our label artist school, teachers, and some of student alumni."

"Currently, Soojin has stopped all of her activities, and (G)I-DLE will continue their promotions as five members for now."

“We once again convey our apologies to those who feel uncomfortable because of the issues involving our artists. However, we will take strong legal action against comments that attack with malicious intent and those that prove to be untrue. We will do our best to reveal the clear truth about this matter so that no one involved in this matter is harmed unfairly."(

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