Brave Girls Takes Home The 2nd Trophy With 'Rollin' on 'The Show'

Brave Girls managed to get the next victory trophy with their song entitled 'Rollin'. After previously winning the first trophy since debut with the song 'Rollin', now Brave Girls won the 2nd trophy on the latest episode of 'The Show'.

In the episode of 'The Show' on Tuesday (03/16), Brave Girls' song 'Rollin' was nominated for the winner along with ATEEZ's' Fireworks' and WayV's' Kick Back '. In the end, Brave Girls took the lead with a score of 5252 points, beating ATEEZ with 4640 points and WayV with a score of 3346 points.

This is the 2nd trophy that Brave GIrls has won, since the song 'Rollin', which was released in 2017, has recently become viral among the people of South Korea. Congratulations to Brave Girls! (

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