North Korean Media Call K-Pop Idols Like BTS and BLACKPINK are Treated Like Slaves
North Korean media recently gave their report regarding K-Pop idols in South Korea. The media is named Arirang Meari, who reports that K-Pop idols are treated inappropriately and are treated like slaves by their agency.

As they wrote, “Recently, famous young singers in South Korea were forced to live a miserable life by big companies. Singers like BTS and BLACKPINK signed exclusive contracts with big entertainment companies like SM Entertainment at a young age such as in elementary or middle school, and received training to become singers."

The media also wrote that these K-Pop idols are prohibited from traveling outside the dorms and can only sleep 2-3 hours each day while receiving rigorous training. The profits earned from these K-Pop idols then enter the company under the guise of training fees

They continued, “Many female singers who are subjected to humiliation and harassment under the harsh training process are also forced to sexually serve politicians and businessmen. Many young singers suffer immense mental stress and live like being in a prison without bars, even to the point of committing suicide while leaving behind wills to reveal how suffocating their lives are."

The North Korean media also mentioned that this fact had been reported directly by South Korean media as well as foreign media. The article was released by North Korean media after the recent popularity of K-Pop among North Korean teenagers. (

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