These Netizens Reveal Evidences About (G)I-DLE Soojin's Bullying Actions Against Seo Shin Ae
A Korean netizen wrote a post about the evidences of the bullying that (G)I-DLE's Soojin committed to actress Seo Shin Ae. In a post on the Pann forum, a Korean netizen wrote, “I'm writing this post because I can't stand it anymore. Seo Shin Ae is the culprit? Don't you kidding."

The netizen then revealed the story where Soojin and her friends secretly put cigarettes into the drawer of Seo Shin Ae's desk. “Soojin and her friends spread rumors that Seo Shin Ae smoked. They will usually whisper and laugh, saying, "You pretended to find it on her desk". Seo Shin Ae's parents are called to school to apologize for the mistakes they never did."

The netizen continued, “What do you mean Seo Shin Ae drank underage alcohol and is a bully? If you feel confident the rumors are true, please bring evidence and make a post."

“People often bothered her and took photos because she was a celebrity, but Seo Shin Ae got through it and grew up well. She is a student who usually lends her writing tools if her friends don't bring them."

“Seo Shin Ae had a hard time at school. If you have anything that can argue with that, please write it down in the comments. I can deny all of your accusations," said the netizen.

Previously, Seo Shin Ae had attracted the attention of many netizens after uploading a post on Instagram Story and writing, "There is no excuse for you," right after Soojin denied rumors of bullying she did during school. (

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