SNSD Discuss Comeback with Full Members in The Near Future

One of the legendary girl groups from SM Entertainment revealed news that shocked and excited fans. Through music industry representatives it is known that the eight SNSD members are in discussion to prepare their latest album.

"Even though they have different agencies, it is true that SNSD members are constantly discussing albums because of their good relationship," 

Meanwhile, the agency in charge of arranging SNSD's comeback schedule also confirmed this girl group's comeback.

“It's uncertain, but I'm checking the members' schedules from May to June. There are so many personal activities, such as albums, entertainment and dramas, so I set the schedule. If possible, we will do music broadcast." he explained, adding to the possibility of SNSD's comeback.

SNSD last performed a full member performance through the song 'Holiday' in 2017. SONE, are you also excited to look forward to SNSD's comeback in 2021? (

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