Jennie Reportedly Often Goes to G-Dragon's House After Work
The dating news of BIGBANG's G-Dragon and BLACKPINK's Jennie is currently stirring K-Pop fans around the world. The news of the two's dating was first reported by the Dispatch media, which stated that they had been dating for a year.

When questioned, YG Entertainment said that they could not confirm the news because it was the artist's personal life. According to the Dispatch report, the two of them often date at G-Dragon's house located in Hannam-dong.

G-Dragon's house has a separate parking system from the public parking lot in the villa complex. To enter G-Dragon's house, everyone has to go through the verification process twice. The house also has an elevator from inside the parking lot, so they don't need to be afraid to be seen from the outside when entering G-Dragon's house.

Jennie Reportedly Often Goes to G-Dragon's House After Work

 Jennie's private car is registered in the security system at G-Dragon's house, so she can easily enter G-Dragon's house, without having to go through the verification system.

Dispatch mentioned that Jennie has a consistent dating routine. After BLACKPINK finished their promotion schedule, Jennie usually went straight to G-Dragon's house. Even though Jennie doesn't have a promotion schedule, her routine remains the same.

The relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie is widely known by YG Entertainment staff. Jennie's manager is in charge of delivering her to G-Dragon's house. Sometimes, G-Dragon's manager drives the car.

Jennie Reportedly Often Goes to G-Dragon's House After Work

G-Dragon, who frequently visited Jennie's personal schedule, also aroused many people's suspicions regarding their relationship. Last year, G-Dragon appeared on the set of BLACKPINK's music video and gave his support to Jennie.

Last month, Jennie was seen going to G-Dragon's house in the morning when BLACKPINK held an online concert. Dispatch can find out about this as G-Dragon's car is parked at Kintex where the BLACKPINK online concert was held. (

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