Here's Korean Idol With the Highest Brand Reputation Value for February 2021
The Korean Business Research Institute released the results of their research for idols in South Korea. On the morning of Saturday (27/02), the brand reputation rankings for South Korean singers based on data collected from January 27th to February 27th have been officially released.

BTS is back in 1st place this month after earning a total brand reputation of 13,215,433 points. Soloist IU rocketed to 2nd place this month, after gaining 9,656,213 points, an increase of up to 68.80%. This drastic increase was due to the release of IU's new song 'Celebrity' at the end of January.

Trot singer Im Young Woong came in 3rd with 8,654,221 points and BLACKPINK followed in 4th with 6,149,244 data sheets this month. Kang Daniel, who recently made a comeback, also increased by 149.9%, with a final score of 4,912,957 points.

Apart from the five names that have been mentioned, you can see the complete ranking list below:

1. BTS
2. IU
3. Im Young Woong
5. Kang Daniel
6. Young Tak
7. Lee Chan Won
8. NCT
9. Sunmi
10. IZ*ONE
13. Oh My Girl
14. Kim Hee Jae
16. Song Ga In
17. EXO
18. Lee Seung Gi
19. Jung Dong Won
20. Chungha
21. MAMAMOO's Hwasa
22. SNSD's Taeyeon
23. Jessi
24. Red Velvet
25. Jang Min Ho
26. Punch
27. Park Jin Young
28. Ben
29. Red Velvet's Joy
30. Na Hoon Ah

Congratulations to the Korean idols who made it to the above ranking lists! (

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