WJSN Top The Charts with 'As You Wish'
The girl group from Starship Entertainment, WJSN managed to dominate various South Korean charts with their song, 'As You Wish'.

Released in November 2019, 'As You Wish' now dominates Melon, Bucks, Genie and several other charts for the 2nd time, after previously also getting the same ranking in early 2020.

They said couldn't believe it that 'As You Wish' would get back the attention and got the first place. WJSN admits that they are very happy because they will start 2021 with lots of love from fans.

“Everyone is having a hard time because of COVID-19, but by 2021, we really want to tackle everything together and be able to enjoy a happy everyday life again. We also hope that our songs will bring hope and comfort to many people. Like the song lyrics on 'As You Wish', we will support everyone's wishes this year” they said.

Congratulations on WJSN! (www.onkpop.com)

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