Ilhoon Left, BTOB's Eunkwang Convey This Message To Fans
Ilhoon's departure from BTOB has indeed become news that breaks fans. In the midst of this sadness, BTOB leader intervened to calm MELODY.

Previously, Ilhoon was confirmed to leave his group BTOB due to marijuana use problems. On January 1st, Eunkwang, sent a message to his fans via Instagram so they can get through this problem.

“MELODY! Difficult, right? I'm not sure if I should speak up even though I have a lot to say… but thank you for always being by our side and believing in us. Also, I love you. As a leader, I will be tougher and do my best sincerely so that MELODY only has a full smile in the future. With all my heart, I love you” Eunkwang wrote in the post caption. (

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