GOT7 Officially Leaves JYP, Here's The Reaction of Korean Netizens
How do Korean netizens react when they respond to the news about GOT7's leave JYP Entertainment? On Monday (01/11) fans were shocked by an official statement from JYP Entertainment which stated that all GOT7 members did not renew their contracts with the agency.

After their contracts expire in January 2021, each member of GOT7 will be signed to a different agency. Responding to the news, Korean netizens on theqoo site gave various comments such as:

“My youth! I love you guys. We wish you a bright future! I will always support you,"

"Thank you, I will always love GOT7,"

"It's a shame, but will continue to support GOT7 members in the future,"

“I'm not a fan of them but I support GOT7! I hope everyone is happy and walks on a path filled with flowers,"

“GOT7 fighting! I want to meet you often as solo singers!” and many other support comments. (

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