Doesn't Give Updates More Than 1 Month, EVERGLOW Worries Fans
EVERGLOW recently caused concern to fans because they didn't update their news for more than 1 month. Usually fans will get updates from their favorite idols, even if it's just a tweet on Twitter or uploading a photo.

But lately fans of the girl group EVERGLOW have been worried after realizing that their idol has not provided news since December 1, when the agency announced that Yiren and Sihyeon were positive for COVID-19.

One netizen who is also a fan of girl groups expressed frustration at the agency by writing,

“The members usually visit their official fan cafe every day, but they haven't visited since December 1st. There is no news at all about them. No one knows if they are sick, healthy, staying at home, or in a dormitory. There is nothing about them. Other artists from Yuehua Entertainment are active. What the hell is Yuehua doing?"

Many other netizens are also curious to find out what happened, considering that it is very unusual for agencies or idols not to interact for 1 full month with fans.

"What happened…??"

"What…?? Don't they have a lot of international fans ??”

“I'm sure their fans must be very worried right now ;; Why don't they update their fans at all ..."

"What about the two members who tested positive for COVID-19?" and many other comments. (

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