BLACKPINK's Jennie to Replaces Suzy as a Cheoeum Cheoreom Soju Beverage Brand Model
BLACKPINK's Jennie will replace Suzy as a model for the famous soju drink brand, Cheoeum Cheoreom. Lotte Chilsung Beverage Company plans to make changes to their soju product, Cheoeum Cheoreom.

As reported by News1 media, Lotte Chilsung Beverage Company plans to reduce the alcohol content of the product, from 16.9% to 16.5%.

This reduction in alcohol levels was carried out by the Lotte Chilsung Beverage Company because lately more people drink alone at home instead of drinking together outside. Not only is it changing its alcohol content, the soju brand Cheoeum Cheoreom will also change their model.

As Suzy's contract with Cheoeum Cheoreom ended in November 2020 since becoming a model in 2016, now Cheoeum Cheoreom has chosen Jennie as a new model to give a fresher impression to their products.

This new face Cheoeum Cheoreom soju drink product will go on sale in the market in February 2021. (

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