NCT 2020 Members Have Old School Style in '90's love' Comeback Teaser
NCT 2020 has again uploaded individual teaser photos of its members ahead of their comeback. After previously releasing individual teaser photos for the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 2′, this time we get an individual teaser for NCT 2020 members for the title song '90's Love'.

The members of NCT 2020 who participated in the title song '90's Love' are WinWin, Jeno, TEN, Mark, Yangyang, Haechan and Sungchan.

Through this teaser photo, we will be presented with cool appearances from NCT 2020 members who appear in old school-style 90s fashion.

While looking forward to the release of the music video for '90's Love' and the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 2' on November 23rd, 2020 at 6 p.m. KST, you can see the members' cool looks through the following individual teaser photos! (
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