NCT 2020 Announces The Release Schedule and Song Details on 'RESONANCE Pt. 2'
NCT 2020 has revealed the release schedule and song details for their latest album, 'RESONANCE Pt. 2'. After carrying out their comeback with the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 1' last month, NCT 2020 plans to release the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 2' in November.

Based on the announcement of SM Entertainment on Monday (11/09), NCT 2020 will release the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 2' on November 23rd, 2020 at 6 p.m. KST.

This album will have 8 new songs, plus 13 songs that have been released through the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 1 ′ before. The new songs include the title song '90's Love', then several other songs such as 'Interlude: Present to Future' and 'Outro: Dream Routine'. So that the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 2' will later contain a total of 21 songs.

Previously, NCT managed to set a record as a "million seller" by selling the album "RESONANCE Pt. 1' as much as 1.4 million pieces. (

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