Revealed, Here's List of 'Produce 101' Contestants Who Got Harmed Due to Voting Manipulation
Finally, it was revealed which of the contestants of 'Produce 101', 'Produce 48' and 'Produce X101' were harmed due to the voting manipulation. On Wednesday (11/18), the trial to appeal the vote manipulation case for the 'Produce 101' program was held.

Previously PD Ahn Joon Young was sentenced to 2 years in prison and a fine, while CP Kim Young Bum received a prison sentence of 1 year and 2 months. In an appeal hearing that was held today, the judge decided not to change the prison sentence for both of them.

The court has also revealed the names of trainees who were negatively affected by the manipulation of the vote. The names of the contestants who were harmed by the manipulation of the voting are:

- 'Produce 101' (Voting first half): Kim Su Hyun, Seo Hye Lin
- 'Produce 101 Season 2' (Voting first half): Seong Hyun Woo (A.M LIMITLESS)
- 'Produce 101 Season 2' (Voting 4th round): Kang Dong Ho (Baekho NU'EST)
- 'Produce 48' (Voting 4th round): Lee Ga Eun (Rank 5), Han Cho Won (Rank 6)
- 'Produce X101' (Voting round one): Anzardi Timothee
- 'Produce X101' (Voting round three): B.O.Y Kim Kook Heon, GHOST9 Lee Jin Woo
- 'Produce X101' (Voting round 4): CRAVITY  Koo Jung Mo (Rank 6), UP10TION Lee Jin Hyuk (Rank 7), Keum Dong Hyun (Rank 8)

However, the court decided not to announce the names of the contestants who benefited from the manipulation of the voting, as they did not know. (

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