GFRIEND Looks Sexy and Ready to Dance on 'MAGO' MV Teaser
GFRIEND finally gave a leaks of their comeback music video "MAGO". On Friday (11/06) 00.00 KST, Source Music released the first teaser video to show the MV footage of the main track on the comeback 'MAGO'.

In this teaser, we can see the members appearing glamorous in sexy outfits, as if ready to spend the night dancing and partying.

Apart from that, we are also listening to short retro pop music which makes fans even more impatient to look forward to its release.

GFRIEND is scheduled to release their 3rd full album "回: Walpurgis Night" on November 9th, along with the release of the MV 'MAGO'. Before that, lets watch the following teaser video. (

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