Both Black Idols, Here's the Opinion of Alex Ex-BP Rania on BLACK SWAN's Fatou
When Alex Reid debuted as a rapper for BP RANIA in 2015, she caught the attention of the famous media for being a pioneer of black idols.

However, she goes through a lot of difficulties like a salon that doesn't have a foundation that matches her skin and she also has to straighten her curls hair from 4 a.m. because no one knows how to handle it.

“As a minority, we all have this experience where we know we don't get many opportunities. And it is very important for us to be able to do as the majority do."

Although Alex faced many obstacles, Alex decided to stay because she was a pioneer, “It was a very difficult position. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me going is saying I want to be a representative for all girls like me who have the same dream."

Although Alex smiles in front of the camera, she faces a lot of hardships behind her back, leading her to lend support to BLACKSWAN's newest black idol, Fatou. “Everything looks good all the time, but you never know. It was tough and lonely, so Fatou needs to know that she has supporters behind her."

“Personally, for another black artist to survive representing a minority in that genre, it is very important that she needs to be supported. If she does well, there are opportunities for everyone."
explained Alex who seemed to fully support BLACK SWAN's Fatou. (

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