Sera Reveals Why She Was Relegated From Nine Muses' Leader Position Through 'Miss Back' Program
Sera recently discussed what happened when she was still in the group that raised her name, Nine Muses. On the first episode of the MBN variety show "Miss Back", the former Nine Muses member talked about her demotion as the group leader.

Sera revealed, "When we had our first performance, our agency told us to wear garter belts." and added that idols should listen to what their agency said back then more than they do now.

She continued, “I didn't even know what a garter belt was back then. When I look at myself in the mirror, I cry. When I saw the younger members in middle school wearing it, I couldn't control my emotions."

Because Sera couldn't hold back her tears, the music show had to stop filming, which resulted in her demotion as leader.

In addition, former member of Stellar, Gayoung also spoke up about her being forced to appear with a sexy concept on music shows. (

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