Korean Netizens Reaction After BTS was Declared to Remain in The Military
Recently the topic of compulsory military service for BTS members has become a hot topic among South Korean netizens.

On Friday (10/09) yesterday the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) announced that they could not approve the mandatory military exemption of BTS members for reasons of the principles of justice and equality.

Despite the debate among lawmakers, MMA has taken the decision that K-Pop idols will not be granted any exceptions.

According to MMA, K-Pop singers do not qualify because they are not in line with the government's basic stance regarding military service. In response to this statement, South Korean netizens gave various comments on the Naver and Daum sites:

"But did they ask to be exempted from military service from the beginning? It is the government that takes issue with this. Stop using BTS for your political agenda,"

"Better get rid of all the slack on military service or turn everything into volunteer-based assignments,"

"BTS is also not a group based on patriotism,"

“BTS always emphasizes the importance of justice in their speeches, so how does the military service exemption match them? And BTS also never said that they don't want to enter military service, ckckck,"

“As an ARMY, I wonder why everyone is making a fuss about this even though BTS always says that they are going to enter the military. In the end, BTS is the one who is hated, so please stop bothering BTS,” and various other comments. (www.onkpop.com)

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