Reaping Controversy, Latest Episode of Late Sulli's Documentary Program has Deleted
The documentary about the late Sulli broadcast by MBC's “Docuplex” has been deleted after causing various controversies.

The program entitled “Why Did Sulli Bother You?” which highlighted the story of the singer and girl group f(x) member immediately became the spotlight and caused controversy where Sulli's mother and Sulli's ex-lover, Choiza were flooded with criticism by several viewers.

Due to various controversies covering the show, MBC's “Docuplex” party has written off the episode. In addition, videos are also no longer available for pay and reruns.

In response to this the PD of 'Docuplex' also gave a statement, "The late Sulli passed away because of several complications, and just pushing all the responsibilities to Choiza is a big misunderstanding. I hope there are no more negative stories about Choiza."

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