GOT7's Jackson Brings Unique Concept in New MV 'Pretty Please'
GOT7's Jackson has released the MV of his new single, 'Pretty Please'. On September 4th at 1:00 p.m. South Korean time, the main rapper of GOT7 has released the new MV for the single "Pretty Please" on his personal YouTube channel, "Jackson Wang".

This time, Jackson has fully participated in making this MV, starting from being a director, writer and editor.

Jackson confessed that the “Pretty Please” MV was inspired by the Hong Kong classic because he really liked it, but he wanted to make it a little modern on the concept this time.

His collaboration song with the duo “Galantis” has a pop dance genre and has full English lyrics so that the element is a stark contrast to the MV concept he has carried out. Lets watch how interesting Jackson's latest MV entitled "Pretty Please". (

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