11 Years Has a Title as 'Human Innisfree', Yoona is Chosen to Be The New Model Of This Cosmetics Brand
On September 3rd, fans were confirmed that SNSD's Yoona has been chosen as the model for the new cosmetic brand. Previously, Yoona was known by the public as the 'Human Innisfree' because she has been the brand ambassador for the skincare and cosmetics brand ;Innisfree' for the past 11 years.

Earlier this summer, 'Innisfree' said goodbye to the SNSD visual group and thanked them for their worldwide endorsement. Now, fans are seeing a new post on the official 'Estée Lauder Korea' Instagram account announcing their new brand ambassador.

Although she hasn't shown her full face yet, fans have guessed without a doubt that the model is Yoona. Netizens also commented:

"At first everyone was wondering which cosmetics company would be lucky to get Yoona after Innisfree, and now we know the winner!"

"We knew her as 'Human Innisfree' for a long time but it turns out that Yoona is Yoona, she suits everything well ~"

“Yoona uses 'Estée Lauder' well~ This brand has a more elegant and refined image, when Innisfree is really pure and clean.”

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