CRAVITY Win The 1st Trophy Since Debut With The Latest Song 'Flame'
Rookie boy group CRAVITY won their 1st trophy since debuting in the South Korean music industry. This first winning trophy was successfully obtained by CRAVITY on the latest episode of 'The Show' program which was broadcast on Tuesday (09/01).

On yesterday's episode of “The Show”, CRAVITY's first comeback track “Flame” was nominated for the winner along with DreamCatcher's “BOCA” and ONEUS's “To Be or Not to Be”.

CRAVITY in the end took the lead with a score of 6070 points, beating ONEUS and DreamCatcher who got 5689 and 4617 points, respectively. This is the first victory trophy ever won by CRAVITY, since making their debut in April 2020.

With tears in his eyes, Serim as the leader delivered his speech, "We can win thanks to Luvity. The sad thing is that Luvity can't be here at this special moment. Thank you very much, I love you."

Meanwhile, Woobin expressed his gratitude to the people closest to him, from stylists, staff, to their parents. He also expressed his gratitude to the CRAVITY fans called Luvity. 
Congratulations to CRAVITY! (
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