SNSD's Taeyeon Said She Felt Like Lost Her Job, This is The Reason
Girls' Generation's Taeyeon revealed that she felt like she had lost her job on her Instagram live recently. On her Instagram live, Taeyeon talked with fans about the ongoing pandemic and her own experiences of keeping her distance.

She revealed, "I turned on this broadcast live for those who are doing their best to stay at home and social distancing."

“I am sad that there are fewer opportunities to meet you. I want to sing and perform on stage. Opportunities like this disappeared. When the coronavirus started to disappear, that's when they got worse, and it made me lose energy."

Taeyeon then opened up to fans that she felt like she was losing her job by saying, "Not only me, but those who have jobs will feel a bit of loss, vanity, and emptiness."

“I felt like I lost my job because I couldn't stand on stage. I can't do a concert. I almost cried." (

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