Cardi B Opens Up About Her Collaboration Songs with BLACKPINK
BLACKPINK has released the track list for their upcoming comeback with 'THE ALBUM' on September 29th, and revealed that they will be collaborating with Cardi B.

Back in August, fans found out that the girl group will be collaborating with the American rapper through the appearance of YG Entertainment's “THE ALBUM” content in the form of blurry photos.

Since then, many netizens and fans have enthusiastically guessed whether BLACKPINK will pull off another spectacular duet. With the revelation of the track list for “THE ALBUM”, Cardi B's name was clearly written on the fourth track “Bet You Wanna” from the album which confirmed the speculation from fans.

Cardi B finally gave her support for BLACKPINK by writing “Bardipink in your area” and also retweeting the BLACKPINK album track list.

Apart from that, Cardi B also gave a leak about their collaboration song, 'Bet You Wanna', by tweeting "And the song is really good". Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has been scheduled to release "THE ALBUM" on October 2nd, 2020. (
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