Super Junior's Ryeowook Apologizes to Fans After Confirming Dating
Super Junior's Ryeowook conveyed his apologies to fans after it was confirmed that he was dating. This apology was conveyed by Ryeowook through his post on the Lysn fan community platform.

Ryeowook wrote, “I know that many of you have been waiting, and I apologize for being late writing this message. No matter what I say, nothing changes the fact that ELF is hurt by this news and when I think about it, I don't know where to start and how to get it to you.”

“I'm sorry that you guys have to find out like this. When I think about everything now, I think a lot of ELFs respect me and provide privacy when I get in touch with her, so I have to be more careful. I'm reflecting on my mistakes, and I think all this happened because of my lack of respect."

Ryeowook then talked of the false rumors circulating about his girlfriend, Ari. “It's true that I'm dating the person you guys are talking about. But there are so many misunderstandings circulating as if they are facts, none of these things cross my mind or I talk to other people, because they are far from the real facts. To me, Super Junior and ELF are the most precious, and I feel disappointed that there are so many false rumors circulating."

Finally, Ryeowook wrote, “It was my actions that ended up hurting ELF. You love me and love me even though I have many flaws, and all I have now is guilt. I also want to apologize to the other members who must have felt shocked, and I promise to be more careful from now on."
"I will become a Ryeowook who can restore your trust and show a sense of responsibility more than ever. I will do my best so as not to have an impact on Super Junior's promotional activities, which have always been the main and precious thing in my heart."

Previously, Label SJ had confirmed the love affair between Ryeowook and former Tahiti personnel, Ari. The agency explained that the two started dating after being close as seniors and juniors. (

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