Make Fans Worried, This Former Member of LIMITLESS Also Admits That He Almost Committed Suicide
A former member of the boy group LIMITLESS, Yoon Hee Seok made a confession that shocked fans. Through his Instagram account, on Monday (08/10) yesterday Yoon Hee Seok uploaded a long caption post.

In the post he wrote, “After wrapping up debut promotions which were like a dream for us, we suddenly had two new members from China without any prior notification. Shortly after that, I suffered from conflicts between the members, harsh words and hurtful attitudes."

“I hope to resolve the conflict between the members, but nothing is resolved and the pain in my heart continues to grow when I live in the dorm day by day. I contacted the CEO of the agency regarding the problem I was having. But he just said, 'It's like that, you just have to endure it'. "

“At the end of December last year, I expressed my wish to leave the group to the agency CEO because I couldn't take it anymore. The CEO listened to what I had to say and said that he knew what troubles the members had. He said that my contract would end after the concert at the end of December. "

However, Yoon Hee Seok said that the agency CEO did not keep his promise and continued to delay terminating his contract for various reasons.

"8 months for me like in hell. I had to take medication every day and had depression, anxiety disorders and mental stress that made me want to die. Because situations like that happened over and over again, I almost ended my life. While crying, I told the CEO that I almost killed myself because I couldn't afford to see my parents. But he just said nothing. I'm sorry that my parents got to know about this problem through the posts I wrote," said the former idol.

In May 2020, Yoon Hee Seok had make a stir among fans after ONO Entertainment accused him of leaving the group without permission and terminating contact with them. (

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