Revealed, This is The Actress Who will be The Partner of NCT's Jaehyun in The Drama 'Dear.M'
Finally it was revealed the identity of the actress who will play the main character of the new drama 'Dear.M'. 'Dear.M' is the 5th season of Playlist Studio's popular web drama, 'Love Playlist'.

Previously, Jaehyun was rumored to be making his debut as an actor by playing the main character in the drama 'Dear.M'. Now on Tuesday (08/11), there are reports that actress Park Hye Soo will be the female lead in the drama.

This will be the first drama starring Park Hye Soo, after last time appeared on TV 4 years ago. 'Love Playlist' itself is known to have started airing the first season in 2017 and last aired season 4 in 2019, starring Kim Sae Ron and Bae Hyun Sung as the main couple.

The drama 'Dear.M' itself is planned to be broadcast through the online platform and television station KBS in 2021. (

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