AOA's Seolhyun Asked to Leave Her New Drama, 'Night and Day' Give a Statement
Representatives of the drama “Night and Day” gave their official statement regarding netizens' request to exclude AOA's Seolhyun from the drama. Controversy began after Kwon Mina admitted to being a victim of bullying by Shin Jimin for years.

Recently Kwon Mina made everyone shocked again after uploading a photo of her slashed wrist and said Seolhyun a member of AOA who only watched when she was bullied.

Therefore, many Korean netizens have asked that Seolhyun be removed from her latest drama, 'Night and Day'. Previously, Seolhyun was confirmed to be one of the cast of the drama 'Night and Day' with actor Nam Goong Min.

In response to requests from netizens who wanted to get Seolhyun out of the drama, 'Night and Day' said, “We plan to continue as planned. As long as the player doesn't resign, we will not change the plan."

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina was recently reported to have been discharged from the hospital and rested at her mother's house. (


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