ITZY Wins The 1st Trophy for 'Not Shy' on 'Show Champion'
ITZY has just brought home their first trophy since their comeback with their latest mini album 'Not Shy'. On the latest broadcast of 'Show Champion' today, (08/26), ITZY, who was one of the nominees of the other four nominations, managed to bring home the trophy of victory from music programs this week.

ITZY won the first trophy for 'Not Shy' after beating four other songs namely Jessi's 'NUNU NANA', 'DUMDi DUMDi' by (G)I-DLE, 'BOCA' by Dreamcatcher, and 'When We Disco' by J.Y. Park feat. Sunmi.

This 1st win was greeted with joy by the five members who thanked them and delivered the encore stage by performing 'Not Shy' live.

ITZY started their comeback with the mini album 'Not Shy' on August 17th, 2020. Congratulations ITZY for ther 1st win. (

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