Agency Announces Actor Kim Won Hae's Condition After Tested Positive for COVID-19
The agency gave statement about actor Kim Won Hae 's condition after testing positive for COVID-19. On Wednesday (08/26) Double SG Company gave the latest news regarding the COVID-19 treatment received by actor Kim Won Hae.

The agency said, “Previously on August 19th actor Kim Won Hae tested positive for COVID-19 after the musical star 'Jjamppong' also tested positive. Currently, Kim Won Hae is being treated at the quarantine center and is receiving treatment, his condition has improved."

"Actor Kim Won Hae's manager has already got a negative test result and he will return to the test after undergoing a 2 week quarantine period. We have also disinfected the agency's vehicles and buildings, and all our staff have also been asked to work from home."

“We want to apologize for worrying so many people and promise to do our best so that actor Kim Won Hae can recover soon. Lastly, we would also like to thank the medical officers and the National Center for Disease Control for their endless hard work in the midst of this pandemic," the agency concluded.

Apart from actor Kim Won Hae, previously actor Heo Dong Won also tested positive for COVID-19 after being infected by actor Seo Sung Jong who both starred in the musical "Jjamppong". (

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