Hyuna Reveals Interesting Habits When She Goes on a Date with DAWN
HyunA has revealed her habit of going out on dates with her boyfriend, DAWN. This habit is that she admits never uses make-up while going out on a date with DAWN.

On August 26th KST, HyunA made a guest appearance on 'Radio Star' where she talked about her personal struggles against depression and panic disorder.

Apart from her healing story, the female soloist expressed her never ending affection for her boyfriend, DAWN, which she never stopped mentioning during the program's broadcast.

The interesting fact is, HyunA revealed that she never wore make-up in front of DAWN. She also revealed that she recently moved to a new house that is closer to DAWN's house, which only takes 3 minutes to walk to her lover's house.

"My quality of life has improved since I approached DAWN." HyunA said, to which the hosts agreed that HyunA's love story begins and ends with DAWN. (www.onkpop.com)

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