ATEEZ Give Their Opinions About 'ZERO: Fever Part 1' Album Performance
ATEEZ became a guest on the late night radio show "NAVER NOW LATENIGHT IDOL" as they wrote new history with their new mini album "ZERO: FEVER Part 1". Currently, ATEEZ is promoting with their 2nd title song “THANXX” from their 5th mini album “ZERO: FEVER Part 1“, which was released last month in July.

The two songs that they are promoting are songs chosen by fans, which makes it even more special for them. The host, Ha Sung Woon, asked ATEEZ, “You've been promoting for a month in a row now, but wasn't it hard to promote for so long?”

Getting a question like that, ATEEZ members answered, “There are no difficulties. We are honored and very grateful to all of our fans. Nobody knows how long we'll be promoting. Only the director of our company knows." which made the whole room laugh.

ATEEZ is currently writing new history and breaking records with their new album which has sold more than 250,000 copies, ranking No. 1 on the K-pop charts in 32 countries including the US, UK, France, and Germany on the day of its release.

Their music video titled “INCEPTION” reached 10 million views in just 23 hours after its release. In the case of "THANXX", it broke the record for "INCEPTION", which hit 10 million views in just 21 hours.

The group stated, “There have been many of our own records that we have broken. It's all thanks to our fans. We will do our best to meet their expectations."

The group stated that they got 1st place for the first time with “INCEPTION” in their lives and were able to happily promote thanks to their fans. (

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