The Rating of Latest Episode of 'Backstreet Rookie' Decreased Drastically
The latest episode of 'Backstreet Rookie' has drastically decreased its rating. On Friday (07/03) yesterday, the latest SBS drama, starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung, returned to air the newest episode.

According to data from Nielsen Korea, the 5th episode of the drama 'Backstreet Rookie' received an average rating of 4.6% and 5.8% for both parts.

The rating has decreased significantly when compared to last week's episodes which received the highest ratings of 4.6% and 8.3%.

Previously the drama 'Backstreet Rookie' had indeed caused controversy, because it was considered to be broadcasting an inappropriate scene on national television.

After showing the fifth episode, 'Backstreet Rookie' will return with the sixth episode tonight, July 4, 2020. (
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