The Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon Was Found Dead After Declared Missing
After previously disappeared, Seoul mayor Park Won Soon was found dead. On Thursday (07/09) local time, Park Won Soon who served as mayor of Seoul was declared missing after his daughter contacted police to report the disappearance of her father.

Park Won Soon's daughter reported to the police that her father disappeared late afternoon at 17:17 KST, which was then followed by a massive police search conducted around the Seoul Sungbuk area, the place where the last time Park Won Soon's cellphone signal was detected.

Now based on the latest report, Park Won Soon was found dead around 00.20 KST on Friday (10/07). Park Won Soon was rushed to the hospital, but his life could not be helped.

Park Won Soon was found dead at the Sukjeongmun Gate on Bukak Mountain, after missing for 7 hours.

Before being found dead, Seoul Metropolitan Police had filed a lawsuit against the mayor of Seoul over cases of sexual harassment. The mayor's secretary filed a complaint claiming that the mayor of Seoul had sexually harassed her. (

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