Admitting Miscalculated, ‘Music Bank’ Apologies After Giving EXO-SC's Trophy to BLACKPINK
The 'Music Bank' program delivered their apologies after giving the wrong weekly trophy. Last Friday (07/24), 'Music Bank' gave the winning trophy to the song 'How You Like That' BLACKPINK.

Because of the trophy, at that time BLACKPINK managed to get their 11th win for the song 'How You Like That'.

Now four days after the episode aired, on Tuesday (07/28) 'Music Bank' delivered an apology through its official website and claimed that they had made a mistake when calculating the score of BLACKPINK and EXO-SC.

In the latest data, 'Music Bank' announced that the song '1 Billion Views' of EXO-SC got 6431 points, while 'How You Like That' BLACKPINK got 6080 points.

EXO-SC and BLACKPINK were known to be absent from last week's 'Music Bank' episode. (
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