A Netizen Reveals The Shocking Facts From K-Pop Idols' Fansigning That Make Fans Don't Want to Come Again
Fansign is definitely one of the most awaited events by fans, where they have the chance to meet up to chat longer with the idol. But lately circulating shocking facts from fansign spread by netizens on theqoo online forum, where these facts made many fans choose not to return to fansign after visiting the first fansign.

"1. You spend so much money to buy their album but the conversation time is too little.
2. I already feel that I and the idol are close while for the idol met us for the first time
3. When you are ready for hours but they give you ignorant answers
4. When they say "Ah, really?" (this is the type of sentence that you say that makes you look indifferent),"
the netizen wrote describing the facts of the idol fansign event.

Other netizens who saw the post wrote similar comments by quoting the usual conversation between fans and idols during fansign.

"XX You are also very handsome today! -Ah really? XX You always wear the same shirt every day right? -Ah, really?"

"Eyes that look dead + Ah, really? + rude staff, that's when you know the biggest reality, fans spend tens of thousands of won to attend"

"Me too, I'm surprised by ‘Ah, really?’ And never want to go back again"

"Nobody wants to go to fansigns hoping to hear 'Ah really?'"
and others.

Although some netizens also told their experience, of course, not all idols gave responses like the one above. There is also an idol who certainly can not wait to meet and listen to stories from their fans. (www.onkpop.com)
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