B-Free's Assault Case Against Kingchi Mane Submitted to the Prosecutor's Office
The file of the assault case carried out by rapper B-Free against Kingchi Mane was finally submitted to the prosecutor's office.

This was announced by the Yongsan Police Station on Saturday (06/06), which stated that the file of B-Free assault case against Kingchi Mane had been submitted to the procuratorate with recommendations for detention.

According to the law in force in South Korea, an assault case must be approved by the victim, in other words the perpetrators of the attack will not be punished if the victim does not want it. But in this case, Kingchi Mane told the police that he wanted the B-Free rapper to get his law.

Previously B-Free came to Kingchi Mane's house and hit his face, after the two had a dispute on Instagram.

After becoming a victim of violence committed by B-Free, rapper Kingchi Mane who was once a contestant of 'Show Me The Money 8' immediately reported it to the police. (www.onkpop.com)
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